Certified Trucker Against Trafficking

CTAT Trained Certification Program – English

In order to complete this certification program, you must demonstrate your knowledge of the issue of human trafficking and how a member of the trucking industry, like yourself, can play a vital role in combatting this crime. Our training video will educate and equip you to understand this issue and, more importantly, empower you to take the steps necessary that could end up saving a life.

Tienes la oportunidad de ser un héroe cotidiano en la primera línea de este asunto. Únete a nosotros en esta importante labor y ayúdanos a capturar a proxenetas y tratantes, y a recuperar a las víctimas.

To become a certified TAT-Trained driver, click the “Enroll In Course” button below, then watch our training video, and take a short quiz.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30 - 45 minutes