TAT Wallet Card – Human Trafficking Wallet Card

Download and print the TAT wallet card.

Use the TAT Wallet Card to stay aware and take action when you suspect human trafficking.

If you would like a hard copy, email us at education@tatnonprofit.org con su dirección.

Did you know TAT has an app?

From bus drivers to long-haul trucking, TAT has an app for you.

Report human trafficking.

Report instances of human trafficking right from your device.

Discover red flags.

View red flags specific to your industry.

Learn more.

Access TAT’s free resources and learn more about what you can do to fight human trafficking.

Make the call, save lives.

The TAT app can help you identify and report instances of human trafficking when you’re on the go. Download the TAT app today to help you identify and report instances of human trafficking. The TAT app includes the option to filter content based on your daily experience, recognize red flags, identify the best numbers to report human trafficking based on your location, and the option to report back to TAT what you’re seeing on the road and in your community. You can also get news and notifications directly from TAT, as well as gain on-the-go access to our free training courses.

Available for Apple and Android devices in English, Spanish and French.